Arch Angels to the Rescue - Saving Feet and $$$

"My 6 year old has flat feet. Being a Mom and a pediatric physical therapist, I could not stand having him complain every night of leg pain and feet pain..I had to do something...not to mention my worries about other serious illnesses.

Anyway, I went to a Pediatric Orthopedist and had custom-made arch support orthotics that were not covered by insurance and cost me $500.

My son outgrew them in a year and the pain came back. After doing extensive research on the Internet, I found Arch Angels and needless to say no more complaints and about $400 less.

I am just about to order my second pair after a year! Thanks for everything Arch Angels. You are awsome!"

- Las Vegas, Nevada recently moved from NYC.

Arch Angels Make Every Shoe Better for Son

"I recently bought your product and am thrilled with these inserts! My son, whose 6 love them and best of all his feet do not hurt anymore. Seriously, I could go on and on about them so I will.

Last night we went to Famous Footwear, we were shopping for baseball cleats and sandals. The cleats were not a problem, put the inserts in, he loved it. However, sandals, well you know the problem with them. Then I tried Skechers Cali Gear Koolers, put the inserts in and I heard the Arch Angels sing, and again perfect.

Your company has saved me so much money and time. Thank You!!!!"

- Kathy



Arch Angels Make Soccer Cleats Bearable

"Dear Arch Angels,

My son just started soccer and so we needed soccer shoes. He fell in love with a flashy pair; black and red with silver stripes, they were very cool looking. These were a well known brand at a sports store so I assumed they were well made and didn't think to look inside the shoe.

I was surprised and then angry when I got home, looked in the shoe and saw that there was no support at all inside. They were as flat as a pair of flip-flops. These are shoes for a sport where it's all about the feet! If his feet get tired or are uncomfortable because of his shoes, he's not going to enjoy himself, he's not going to be very good and he's never going to want to play again. That's not what I want for his first experience!

I got the Arch Angels comfort insole for him and he's tearing up the field and loving soccer! Beware of shoes that are all flash and no substance and shoe companies who care more about a sale than about the child's feet. Thank you Arch Angels."

- Katherine

Mother Finds Relief for Son With Foot Aches

"One weekday morning (about 2 months ago) there was a little 2 inch article about your company in our local paper (Birmingham News, Birmingham, AL). I took that little blurb to work with me and signed onto the website. After reading some info I decided to place an order for my 4 year old son.

We received the set in the mail and immediately placed them in his shoe. After about 4 solid weeks of Grant wearing them in his shoes I can truly tell a HUGE difference. The number of night time foot aches have almost ceased. Occasionally he still will wear his Crocs and I can almost guarantee we'll be having a round of Tylenol and a good old foot rub. He'll beg to wear his shoes with "the red things" the next day.

I've recommended your product to almost everyone when possible. I will be ordering a 2nd pair for some fall shoes soon to be purchased."

- Crissa, AL


“I am so excited to finally have a product that my son wants to wear. Reading about your product, I was nodding my head the whole time about how tired he gets and how he complains when we have to do a lot of walking. Now, he keeps his Arch Angels in his shoes and I don’t hear nearly as much complaining!”


“Thank you for bringing a product to market that I can afford for my children. I have always used insoles for adults, and wanted the same support for my children.”

Physical Therapist Uses Arch Angels® for Daughter

As a physical therapist, I believe in the benefit of using arch supports to optimize foot mechanics and prevent undue stress on the foot, pelvis, and spine. So when I heard about Arch Angels® I bought a pair for my four year old daughter. The first time she wore them in her shoes, she said “Oooh, Mommy, these are nice!” My four year old likes Arch Angels for their comfort, and I am satisfied that they’re supporting her foot through its important growth cycle."

- Deb, Physical Therapist


Arch Angels® Pass the Disney World Test

We received a pair of Arch Angels® right before our first trip to Disney World. After being on our feet all day Ella (age 5) had the most energy of the family! Thank you, Arch Angels®!"

-- North Carolina