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Here at Arch Angels®, we’re committed to kids’ feet. We want to be sure that kids’ have the best start in life with their feet firmly planted on the ground. That’s why we created Arch Angels® children’s comfort insoles, to help ensure that kids’ feet have the best environment to develop properly and smooth out the bumps that kids’ feet experience along the way. Arch Angels® Sole Patrol is a group designed for parents that want to be sure they are up to date on the latest and greatest for kids’ feet. With your FREE membership, you’ll receive our quarterly newsletter chock full of interesting and useful tidbits on kids’ feet, including recommendations and advice straight from the experts. You’ll also receive fun giveaway items for you and your children, as well as valuable coupons for Arch Angels® existing and new products. Of course, if you love Arch Angels® as much as we do and send us your buzz about Arch Angels®, we’ll have special treats and tokens of appreciation to send your way. We may even ask you to test out some of the great new products we have up our sleeves! We promise not to share your information with anyone else, because we value your loyalty. We also promise not to bombard you with information, but do want to be sure you have access to helpful information about kids’ feet. Fill out this form below, and we will add you to the Sole Patrol.
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